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Questions and answers

How to add links?
To do this, select the "Tasks" tab. In the "Name" field, enter any name of the task, in the "Links" field add the urls to add, each url must be added on a new line.
You can add as many links in one task as you want, all of them come into work, we recommend adding fractional, up to 500-3000 links per job.
Then you will see in your personal cabinet, the statuses:
"In work" indicates that your task has been sent to work and is expected to be completed on a first-come, first-served basis.
"Done" - this status is assigned to the task when the task is completed successfully.
"Canceled" - this status is assigned to the task, if mass errors or violations of the rules are detected, the money for this task is returned to the balance of the user.
To do this, open the "Balance" page, select the amount to recharge and pay by the method convenient to you.
We accept payments through the international payment system Interkassa and Wayforpay: Visa/MasterCard, cryptocurrency (btc, ltc, eth, usdt) and others. All payment systems can be found on the tab Balance.
It is also possible to recharge through the payment system WayForPay (Visa, MC, P24, Gpay, Apay) in any currency, from any country (except sub-sanctioned).
The method is semi-automatic, for the crediting of funds, after payment, you must tell the administration your login.
If you have any questions, contact support.
To quickly get into the index of the Google search engine.
If you can't add links using the standard methods.
Anything that can be indexed by the Google bot.
The price per added link is only 0.01$
Like Google itself, ( and and ) the Service does not guarantee that your link will be indexed. We are not engaged in promotion and advancement of your sites, we are not responsible for website growth in Google or any filter that Google can apply to your site. The service only shows GoogleBot your links, which adds the url to Add URL to Google.
A very common reason for not indexing can be the noindex tag in the code, which prohibits search engine robots from indexing your link. There can be a lot of reasons, such as the site is closed from indexing, if it is a sitemap.xml file, then it should be no more than 1990 links, free spammed free domains, the site is under the filter, the site server’s response is not correct, there is a heavy load on the server where your site is located (mass deletion or addition of files, etc.), bad content, Google "storms", copy-paste, or just Google bot technical work.

Also note that in 2019, Google began to pay more attention to sites that are convenient for smartphones, i.e. your site should be optimized for mobile devices - this is not the main criterion, but an important one. Before indexing, Google checks the site for this parameter.

If 7 days after the task received the status "Completed", 100% of the links from your task are not indexed, you can contact support, we will look at the reason and put it on repeat. This applies to tasks where 100% of the links from the entire task are not in the index.

Usually links get into the Google index after 24-72 hours from "Done" status, but there are also delays. It does not depend on us, it only depends on how Google bot evaluates your site. Googlebot visits your links within 24 hours from the time of submission to work, if it is your site, check the logs on the server. The maximum time for the link to appear in a Google search is up to 7 days.

We recommend that you check if your link has been added to a Google search no sooner than 24 hours after receiving a response from our service.

To check if google indexed your link or not, type into the Google search bar the command, (where should be your link), note that all filters in the search are disabled, especially the search language, etc.

If you have any questions about the service, you can email: [email protected]
If you get an error in response, you may need to use email like Check your spam folder, our emails may get there.
You can also ask questions to our Online Consultant via Skype: Support
If you are a registered user, when contacting us, please specify your login or e-mail address specified during registration.
Check if you are entering your login or email address. It is necessary to enter the LOGIN specified during registration. Also try opening the site in another browser or refresh the page CTRL+F5. If the problem cannot be solved, contact support.

To get the Bonus, you have to deposit at least 10$ by one payment, tell the support team your username, amount, date and time of deposit, after checking you will get the Bonus of 7% from the deposit amount.

For regular customers who maintain a positive replenishment dynamics, the Bonus amount may be increased.

Additional Bonus for positive feedback, conditions:

Review should be posted on a quality site with an active link to our resource, welcome thematic forums and sites with thematic keywords, for example, add url to google, in domain zones (com, ru, ua, org, info and other top domains), the site must be older than 180 days.

If the link is placed on the forum, the post must "live" at least 10 days to be rewarded. If on the site, the post with the link must remain on the site forever.

Send your feedback and questions to technical support, after compliance with all conditions and consideration by the administration, you will be added to the Balance Bonus.